How To Enter a Scorecard

1 Competition Name, Player Names, Tee Date & Time

You must enter:

  • The Competition Name
  • Your name as Player A
  • Your Handicap
  • The Date and Tee Time

2 Tee You Played

Tick which colour tee you played off.

3 Markers Score

Your playing partners score goes as the Markers Score.

4 Your Score

Your score goes as Player A.

5 Signatures

You sign as the player. Your playing partner signs the markers score.

How to submit your scorecard

Post the completed scorecard in the wooden box which is on the iron table next to the club computer.

Don’t have a handicap?

If you don’t have a handicap and are looking to obtain one you will need to hand in three scorecards signed off by another member. Post these in the wooden box and they will then be processed by our handicap secretary.

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