Competition Rules

All competitions shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the R & A Rules Limited and Local Rules approved by the Competitions Committee (‘The Committee’). As
amended 1st January 2020.

Golf Balls

The ball the player plays must be named on the current List of Conforming Golf Balls issued by the R & A (see Penalty for breach is disqualification.

Amateur Status

All competitors must hold Amateur Status as defined by R & A Rules Ltd.

Handicap Index

Players in club competitions must hold a current handicap index. The Club Competition Committee can apply a handicap limit for competitions, and these will be shown on the entry forms. layers with a greater competition handicap may play but off the Playing Handicap limit permitted. Other restrictions may also be applied, see the notice board for information on the entry forms.

Methods of Entry

Please note: Competitors must sign in and pay the appropriate fee in the Professional Shop before commencing play.

Mens Entries

Gentlemen must sign up using the sign-up sheets on the Competition noticeboard. Entries will be closed on the Saturday preceding the competition.

Ladies Entries

See ladies noticeboard.

Junior Entries

See junior noticeboard.

Mixed Entries

See respective notice board.

Midweek & Pro Entries

For midweek and pro competitions, the entry will be on the day via the pro shop.

Senior Entries

Entry for Seniors competitions will be via the entry forms on the Seniors noticeboard and these events will take place generally on a Thursday but also on other dates agreed by the committee.

Bad Weather Policy

In the event that the course becomes unplayable and is closed by the Course Management, or the Competition Committee decides that the course is not in a good enough condition to play a qualifier/trophy competition, then the competition shall be cancelled and shall be rearranged at the earliest possible date. If, however, competitors choose either not to play, or to discontinue play, because of the bad weather and the course remains open the competition shall be deemed to have been played and will not be rescheduled.

Distance measuring devices

Distance measuring devices may be used in all club competitions.


The use of ride on buggies is generally prohibited in Club events. Players must not ride on any form of transportation during a stipulated round unless authorised by the Committee. Permission will only be given in exceptional circumstances or for medical reasons


All disputes will be settled by the Committee (3 to form a quorum), whose decision shall be final.


Competition scores to be inputted to the ‘Handicap Master’ competition scoring system on the club computer.


Except where otherwise provided in the conditions of a particular event, all ties shall be decided on the back 9, 6, 3, or 1 hole. If a tie still arises, it shall be decided by the front 9, 6, 3 or 1 holes. If a tie still arises the Committee shall decide the method of producing a result, whose decision shall be final.


Caddies are generally prohibited for Club events. If Caddies are allowed for special competitions this will be indicated in the competition rules for that specific event.

Juniors with an official CONGU handicap index

Juniors with an official CONGU handicap index will be allowed to play in all competitions subject to the rules of that specific competition.


Players must notify the respective Competition Secretary as soon as possible if they are unable to play. Any changes to the draw must be made through the relevant Competition Secretary and not through the Club/ Pro no later than 48 hrs prior to the Competition. Members withdrawing less than 48 hrs prior to a Competition will be required to pay their Entry Fees unless there are extenuating circumstances If due to an emergency/illness on the day of the competition the player must contact the Professional shop and respective section competition secretary. The Committee will have the discretion to waiver the entry fee in exceptional circumstances. A player MUST not without consent of the Committee remove his name from the BRS booking system for a competition.

Time of Starting

Time of Starting (Rule 5-3a). All players in a group must be present and ready to play at the time established by the Committee and should be present on the 1st tee at least five minutes before their start time. A player teeing off more than 5 minutes earlier or later than the time allotted will be disqualified. Teeing off 5 minutes late or early would give them a 2-stroke penalty. Start times will be displayed on the club notice board and on the BRS golf booking system.


No more than 80% of the entry fee will be allocated to prizes. Prizes may be of monetary value, items bought from the entry fee or provided by a sponsor, or vouchers. No cash will be awarded as a prize; money will be put on the individuals’ card in the Professional shop. Please see specific competition rules for more information re prizes. 20% of ALL entry fees will be returned to Romanby Golf Club.


Winners of ALL Competitions will be announced by placing the results on the club notice board. This will show the amount of prize money allocated to each prize winner.

Local Rules

Local Rules will apply to all competitions and these are shown on the club scorecard and club noticeboards.

Please see the respective section notice boards and folders for further information on competitions. Individual competition rules are held by each section of Romanby Golf Club and available from the respective competition secretaries.

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